As Needed, When Needed Back Office Support for Your Nonprofit Success
SST Nonprofit Services

What is this all about?

It’s all about reaching your goals without stressing your existing systems.

Securing specified, time limited support for your project can enable you to reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

SST Nonprofit Services gives small and medium sized community benefit organizations access to the same expertise and tools that larger organizations utilize. We assist organizations in transforming accounting, administrative, fundraising and reporting challenges into opportunities for growth, new relationships and new funding.

Burdens of regulatory compliance, grant requirements, donor restrictions, engendering positive public relations, and ensuring alignment with mission become manageable, allowing executives to focus on growing the mission.

With SST Nonprofit Services, you’ll benefit from

  • Industry experts who are knowledgeable in not-for-profit accounting, meetings management, and organizational governance
  • Nonprofit operations experience, performing your ongoing back office tasks
  • Onsite or remote support (with video conferencing) to meet your organization’s needs
  • CFO-level insight to advise your staff and for regular meetings with your management team and board of directors
  • Financial and managerial reports produced both on-demand and at regular reporting intervals
  • Implementation and maintenance of “Quickbooks” records, “” and other systems to improve efficiency and convenience of payables processing.

SST Nonprofit Services tailors its offerings to your organization’s current size and desired growth. Our customized offerings include CFO advisory services–our CFO advisor has significant nonprofit experience and can assist in numerous areas including budgeting, long-term planning, capital improvements, real estate acquisition, cost containment strategies and cash flow maximization.

Other services may include grant reporting, treasurer liaison services, insurance plan selection/negotiation, web and e-mail hosting, audit readiness and agency-wide cloud solutions. Whether creating a web site or implementing an event registration or auction close out system, we have the resources to help.

Each nonprofit organization is unique and so is our service packaging. We strive to provide excellent service in all of your back office areas so you can spend more time on issues that are critical to your organization. Your nonprofit board and executive management continues to set the agenda and continues to have the final say and control of the organization.

By letting us handle routine administrative processes, our clients can focus on making their organizations successful.

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