As Needed, When Needed Back Office Support for Your Nonprofit Success
SST Nonprofit Services


Let our 75 years of collective experience in executive management of nonprofits come to your aid when you need it. We have especially deep experience in performing arts management, institutional development, board governance, services for foster youth, health care (particularly HIV/AIDS services) and others.

It may be assisting with an upcoming audit or event, filling a short term vacancy, coaching an executive or manager to reconsider or refresh a service line, produce meaningful budgets for your governance members, think through an organizational reconfiguration, or a hundred other short term tasks.

You may also need short- or part-time assistance with bookkeeping or specific finance tasks.

For whatever you need, we are here to assist.

And, most importantly, we maintain the highest ethical standards of confidentiality and performance.  You will see no wasted time, and all client information is held in strictest confidence.  In other words, we can help you out of a jam without anyone knowing you were in one.

Principals of SST Nonprofit Services are Marc Haupert and Kurt Swanson.  Haupert brings his extensive experience of over 40 years in management of nonprofit organizations of several types and sizes, located in the Midwest and California.  Likewise, Swanson brings over 25 years of operational and executive leadership of nonprofits, both large and small.  Their dedication is to integrity, transparency, efficiency, economy, practicality and excellence, to help you serve your nonprofit mission.